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Work at Weatherill House for superior, reliable internet access

One of the main complaints of working from home during lock-down and throughout the whole Covid19 pandemic has been the unreliability and speed of the internet.  Many suppliers have hiked up their tariffs and a basic package is often unreliable and painfully slow at times.  This is hugely frustrating to anyone trying to manage their job or business remotely at a time when the Government is advocating home working – so why not consider a small local hub for your team, perhaps working at the office in rotation, or desk space on a pay-as-you-go basis for days when your internet is having a meltdown.

We currently have workspace available with very fast Cat6 enabled Wifi (200 Mbps upload & download speed), asynchronous band width, private leased line connection.
For 5-6 days a week we can provide you with a dedicated office for 2 to up to 5 persons with free meeting room hire, furniture, broadband point, telephone line and VOIP telephone on an all-inclusive package that also includes wifi, national calls and utilities. There is no lengthy contract to sign up to and you can opt out with only one month’s notice.  Talk to us about our current offers with low deposit options and generous discounts according to status.
Alternatively, if you require desk space on an ad hoc basis or 1+ days per week regularly but without any commitment.  Our Covid19 compliant co-working office can accommodate up to 3 persons as a pay-as-you-go option.

“Warning if renewing or signing a new deal with BT or EE – they’re planning inflation-busting price hikes” Money Saving Expert (Sept 2020)

A BT spokesperson said: “While we recognise that no one likes to see their prices go up, with the major growth in data usage seen recently, both at home and on the move, we want to continue to invest heavily in our networks, products and services, simplify our packages and policies, and offer greater support and flexibility to those who need it the most.

“Family Arguments Over Broadband Rise During COVID-19 Crisis” ISP Review (April 2020)

The survey claims that the “biggest broadband frustrations for the millions of Brits” now working from home include an inconsistent connection (22%), slower downloads (18%) and the internet cutting out for no reason at all (18%). Virtual video meetings were also allegedly found to be “causing the biggest headache for homeworkers,” with 42% missing meetings due to a poor internet connection

“How Can I Tell If My Internet Is Being Throttled by My ISP?” (

Internet throttling is when your Internet Service Provider intentionally limits your internet bandwidth or speed. Providers do this for several reasons but most typically network congestion / data capping / paid prioritisation / forbidden activity – and it usually manifests as a sloth-like connection.

We’re all hoping that better, quicker testing or the roll out of a vaccine will get the Nation’s workforce back to some kind of normal but that being said, the working week is likely to change forever and there will continue to be a reliance on high speed and reliable internet.

“Coronavirus: How the world of work may change forever” (BBC worklife)

From the employee perspective, the shift is massive and very consequential: people are making new choices about where they want to live and creating new expectations about flexibility, working conditions and life balance that can’t be undone. Our Future Forum research of 4,700 knowledge workers found the majority never want to go back to the old way of working. Only 12% want to return to full-time office work, and 72% want a hybrid remote-office model moving forward.




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