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What can you do as a start-up during lockdown? Go To City Business Library

Starting up a business at any time takes a lot of work and effort with the need to design and make your products or services, undertake market research and test them out on early stage customers.  However, how can you do that during a lockdown situation when you can’t get out and talk to potential users, customers or clients?

Here are a number of things you can do to use this time effectively:

·       Continue to research your market

·       Work on the policies / procedures you need in place to trade legally

·       Draft and publish engaging blogs containing relevant content that relates to your particular business and starts a conversation with your potential customers

·       Engage with your customers on social media channels you’ve created already to let them know what you are planning and what’s coming soon

·       Draft or re-visit your business plan

·       Engage in some training or learning activities through webinars or online courses

During this time, you can still access specialist market research databases and business support in the form of webinars and engaging blog articles on the City Business Library website

Membership packages come in both free and paid for options with a choice between 6 and 12 month memberships.  The longer the membership options, the more support resources and services you get access to.

So make use of the down time and be prepared to hit the ground running when lockdown eases. You’ll thank yourself for investing this time in your business.


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