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What are your Vision, Values and Mission?

Photo of a signpost with two opposing directions, one says "chance" and the other says "change". by Gerd Altmann at Pixabay

Our BBH series of masterclasses for social entrepreneurs continued this month with our second workshop where we explored the importance of setting vision, values and mission statements.  Primarily aimed at those looking at starting a social enterprise, setting vision, values and mission statements are also relevant to commercial businesses.

Using vision and mission statements from a range of commercial, cause-led and purpose driven organisations, participants on the masterclass also identified that mission, vision and values were not just the domain of charities or not for profits.  Corporate institutions like Amazon, Airbnb, Google and Ferrari all use these to define what they set out to do and help them reach customers who relate to their statements.  In summary:

  • Vision statements help you identify your overall goal and are generally made up of a broad statement which describes your future, where you are going or where you want to go
  • Values help identify the core principles, moral or ethical ways in which you plan to operate and deliver your social enterprise or business
  • Mission statements should be a clear, simple and relevant summary of what you do, for example ‘to promote a healthy lifestyle by ….’ or ‘to bring communities together by …..’

If you are looking to develop or define a vision, values or mission statement for your organisation or business, get in touch and arrange a 1-1 session.

Our next masterclass on 25 July 9am-11am takes this a stage further where we will be taking participants through a Theory of Change; once you have identified your vision and how your organisation will help resolve a particular problem, the Theory of Change helps you define steps and measures of impact you need to take to achieve that vision.

To join us on this free masterclass follow this link

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