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We Have Launched!

We have launched and what a great event we had! With over 120 people attending the grand opening, StartUp Croydon celebrated the success and vision of creating a digital space offering support and giving businesses within South London access to innovative technologies.


In partnership with Big South London, South London Partnership and Croydon Council, this incredible facility which had £450k injected into StartUp Croydon, who had the vision to empower businesses and bring visionaries, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts under one roof at The Creative Digital Lab in Croydon.


The Creative Digital Lab supports a range of businesses focusing on creating content, whether it be a short film, advertising campaign, or businesses looking to breathe life into their marketing campaigns.


We also have multiple media facilities, including an audio recording system for podcasts, voice-over and music artists.  The editing suites use Adobe, Apple Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Blackmagic software. 


The space also boasts a large, 4.5m x 2.5, LED screen, which provides a dynamic background driven by a Brompton processor from Mo-Sys VP Pro software, including the Unreal engine for photo-realistic rendering. Initially, the facility can be used as a virtual studio. However, it can quickly be upgraded for total augmented reality production simply by adding the necessary software licenses. 


This cutting-edge facility will revolutionise the local business landscape by providing entrepreneurs, businesses and creatives with a collaborative space to foster innovation and drive digital transformation.

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