We provide a free mentoring service to ensure start-ups or those looking to begin working for themselves have access to the support and advice which gives them the best chance of prospering.

Starting your own business can be lonely and we can help by answering your questions or simply if you need to talk to someone.

Our highly rated New Business Training Programmes provide you with invaluable information on all aspects of business but this is only just the start. We find that those starting their own business need continuing help.

We will give you business mentoring on how to produce your business plan and provide you with a model on how to put your forecasts together. However, we will not write it for you. It is our experience that if you cannot produce your own business plan, then you will struggle to have a successful business. We will, of course, review your business plan and recommend changes so that you have a better chance of obtaining finance.

Both before and in the first few months of running your business, we are here to help you. We find that so many people starting their own business need somebody to talk to or bounce ideas off. It may just be a query that can be dealt with on the telephone or you may want to sit down and have a one to one with one of our advisors. Either way, we want to support you. In a nutshell, we are here to listen, advise and act as your mentor.

We also recognise that you may need specialist help. If so, we can introduce you to sources of finance, accountants, solicitors, web designers, etc.


No matter where you are in your startup or business journey, at some point, you may need to seek the advice of others.  As well as our free one to one business advice sessions, we are able to signpost or refer you to experts in their field that are able to provide mentoring / advice.  Specifically, we are able to offer mentoring and advice relating to the following:

Property and Commercial Law

You may be at the stage where you are looking at setting up your business with a co-founder and director but are not able to decide on the best way of dividing responsibilities, liabilities and the shareholdings.  Alternatively, you may be looking at signing a lease for a property but are not able to fully understand the clauses of the contract / lease that protects you and your business as best as possible.

Our specialist advisor/mentor can advise you regarding directors and shareholder agreements, understanding property leases and contracts or advising on the most appropriate way forward on shareholder or boardroom disputes

General business and finance

Our advisor had 40 years experience with a major high street bank, specialising in relationship banking in the Small and Medium Enterprise sector and can give advise and guidance on business viability, finance options, business plans and financial projections.

Business Strategy and Planning

If you are looking for strategic advice on an existing or new business, our advisor has a wealth of experience with excellent knowledge acting as a facilitator and in particular, a specialisation in turnarounds and strategy.