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Top 7 Tips for Selling on LinkedIn

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This month, I’ve been looking at the wonderful world of LinkedIn as a tool to enhance our selling processes at StartUp Croydon.  LinkedIn has long been recognised as a great B to B social media tool, but like most people of a certain age, I’ve only ever used it as an on-line CV and to keep an eye on the progress of past colleagues and friends, throughout my career.

However, LinkedIn has come into its own and can, when used in the right way, do amazing things to grow your business, even on a B to C basis.

Having taken a day out of the office routine to learn more, I now find I’m equipped with the tools I need to start impacting not just my own business circle, but far beyond that.  “How to Sell If You Don’t Like Selling (In a Virtual World)” is the first part of a two-day training programme delivered by the London Business Hub and presented by Niraj Kapur, who is an expert in his field, and brings life and enthusiasm to the nitty gritty of sales.

Through his Company “Everybody Works in Sales”, Niraj works as an international speaker, has won an award for “LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales 2021”, he is a trusted LinkedIn Coach and Trainer, and is the author of 2 books (The Easy Guide to Sales for Business Owners and Everybody Works in Sales – both available from Amazon).

From the huge amount of knowledge that I gained, I would like to share the top 7 nuggets of information that I believe will help you (and me) to sell on LinkedIn.

Sales is not about you; it’s about helping or serving other people. Tell your audience how you can help them – not what you do.

Don’t use bullet points. If you’re creating a succinct list and you need to focus the eye, use ticks instead – it’s an instant way to tell your audience that you’re giving them information that they need to see, and you’ve covered off some essential points.

Selling face-to-face is 80% effective. Use Zoom, Teams and YouTube to your advantage and remember that video works better than any other medium on social media, LinkedIn is no exception.  Practice makes perfect so re-record and edit before posting.  Make sure you’re appropriately dressed for your environment and there’s no mess.

Be original, stand out and use personal posts. It’s all about connecting and nothing connects us better than having the same interests, the same problems and the fact that we’re all human.

Headline content is important. Use the magic numbers 1,3,5 and 7 when creating top tips and helpful hints.

Your “About” section is not your job history, and your logo doesn’t matter to anyone. Use the voice record button if you have a name that’s difficult to pronounce, and if there’s a meaning to your name, include that as well. Always include a few lines about you, not your business.

Never “share.” Promote instead, introduce your contact (eg. why you’re following them), congratulate or say how much you enjoyed reading about something they’ve written.

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