“Excellent value for money, even at 10 times the price!”

SA, April 2016

“Invaluable course. Can’t imagine starting up a business without doing this course. Excellent!”

YI, April 2016

“This course is excellent. Professional, imformative and with target material very relevant! Great job done.”

NF, February 2016

“Great value for money! Particularly appreciated the relatively informal and comfortable environment – allowing questions of all types.”

KM, January 2016

“This course has really given me confidence and massively improved my knowledge in very important areas. It’s been run in a very enjoyable way – especially considering some of the finance topics could be quite boring in the wrong hands. Thank you!”

SH, October 2015

“Starting a business is a daunting affair: there are so many different aspects to consider that it can be difficult to know where to start. Croydon Business Venture have given me vital advice for free and have set me off on the right path. Now I am no longer concerned  about making a wrong move that could set me back financially and I am raring to go. Thank you CBV!”

LH, June 2014

I would like to thank John and his team at CBV. I have been given an invaluable insight into setting up. I am confident & ready to go! Thank you.”

AO, November 2015

“John is a fantastic trainer, his advice and teaching are invaluable and John always takes the time to answer all questions effectively. Thank you John.”

NS, October 2015

“Although I am in business, there was a lot I didn’t know or have time to do. I will most certainly like to book some extra time with John.”

TR, January 2016

“This has been a very helpful course and I’ll recommend it to anyone wanting to start or who has just started a business. I’ve been to a few of these and this is the best so far!”

HF, January 2016

“The best business related course I have ever been on. Complete, comprehensive, informative with lots of action points. Also great networking and very encouraging! Thank You!”

AL, September 2015

“Brilliant training and trainers, could come everyday. Extremely knowledgeable, using good info and passing on practical ideas. Great amount of handouts and leaflets, gives me so much confidence.”

LS, September 2015

“Thank you very much for an extremely helpful and instructive business course. We found it very informative and were thoroughly impressed with the amount of knowledge you and your colleagues managed to convey ot us in just three days.”


“An excellent grounding in the many areas needed to start up a business. The course was very well put together, and delivered by John with humour and great understanding of our needs.”

BW, Prospero Theatre,