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Temporary Office Space with No Deposit

Whether you’re a small business with a handful of employees or a larger corporation looking to downsize or create several satellite hubs, StartUp Croydon has adapted its office options to encompass three different strategies for a more flexible approach to office working.

Option 1 – Temporary Office Space with No Deposit

Our latest offering is something of a “try before you buy” option.  Take an office for between 1 and 4 months (Monday to Friday only), pay monthly in advance at around half the price of a more permanent space, with no contract to sign or deposit to pay and you can walk away at the end of the initial term or decide to sign up to an all-inclusive package.

Option 2 – All-inclusive Package

Packed with added benefits including free mailbox service and meeting room hire, the all-inclusive package is licence based (Monday to Saturday) with an easy opt in opt out agreement and one month’s notice at any time.

Option 3 – Co-working space, pay as you go

Use our co-working space (available Monday to Friday) at a time to suit you, and only pay for the desk(s) you use.  The office is fully Covid19 compliant and allows up to 3 people to work in the same space at any one time.  We are able to offer generous discounts for continued or regular usage if booked and paid for in advance.

Email us for further information or call 0203 7474747

Why offices will still exist in the post-lockdown working world

Read the full article by Lydia Smith of Yahoo Finance

Although a privileged few have home offices to work from, people sharing apartments with housemates and living in studio flats may find it harder to set up a comfortable and quiet space to work. Working from home can also make it a challenge to switch off and keep your work and personal lives separate.

From a corporate point of view, it can be hard to build a workplace culture without a physical office. And while many people would rather work from their sofa than a corporate cubicle for eight hours a day, there’s still something to be said for the companionship of working alongside colleagues and hearing chatter in the background. Spending hours at home – even with the comfort of a pet – can be cripplingly lonely without a co-worker to go on a coffee run with.

And while offices will still exist, experts predict they will be very different to the ones we commuted to pre-COVID. It’s unlikely that thousands of people will be working from one building at the same time, particularly with social distancing regulations. Instead, the office may well become a base for workers to meet a couple of times a week for core functions. We might be fed up with Zoom meetings, but they’re likely to be the norm for the foreseeable future.



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