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StartUp Croydon to help businesses thrive

Budding entrepreneurs can get all the help they need to start and grow their business following the launch of StartUp Croydon – a Croydon Business Venture.

Croydon’s accredited enterprise agency believes StartUp Croydon reflects its work in facilitating the creation and development of new businesses.

The organisation, which has helped almost 10,000 businesses to get off the ground over the last 30 years, is enhancing its accommodation to provide training, mentoring and accommodation to allow entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

David Robinson, chairman of StartUp Croydon, said: “We are incredibly proud of having facilitated the creation of so many businesses, and having helped them to prosper and flourish to provide employment for so many local people.

“This will continue to be our focus but we feel that StartUp Croydon encapsulates what we do. We are there to support and encourage all businesses, from all sectors, to turn their idea into a sustainable business.

“The StartUp brand also builds on the success of our StartUp Croydon events, which have already allowed hundreds of people to get invaluable advice and make useful connections to help them either start-up or grow their company.”

The organisation really started Launch Pad, a new hotdesking initiative based at Weatherill House Business Centre, which is designed to help budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a viable and fully functioning business.

Mayor of Croydon Councillor Paula Hay-Justice with Croydon Business Venture chairman David Robinson at the We Mean Business Expo held at Fairfield Halls on May 18

Tailor-made packages, including superfast broadband, managed reception services, access to meeting rooms and a dedicated coffee area, start from as little as £75 per month.

Mr Robinson added: “One of the great things for any business person is that they must recognise change. Everybody, including us, has to recognise change and to grasp change.

That is why we are rebranding Start-Up Croydon and continuing to innovate with initiatives such as Launch Pad.

“We may have changed our identity, but we retain the same commitment to helping Croydon businesses to start-up and grow in the years ahead.”

For more details on how StartUp Croydon can help your business call 020 3747 4747 or visit

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