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Social Entrepreneurs Support Each Other

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Every startup needs help at some stage especially in the very early stages as it can sometimes be a new and daunting experience for the first time entrepreneur.  Unless you find a mentor, the opportunities to discuss your journey and issues you are encountering with people in a similar situation, are sometimes not always available.

That’s why the SEEK social enterprise startup project provides that opportunity to meet with fellow participants and allows them to talk about key topics that are pressing for them.  

So how does it work?  Social entrepreneurs take time out to attend a 3 hour facilitated session where each person has time to describe their most pressing issue whether that is what is the best legal structure for their social enterprise or how they can apply for funding to help them set up.  The rest of the group then has the opportunity to gain clarity of the issue by asking questions and then providing suggestions on what they think the person could do.

The key element to this is giving as well as receiving help and support but also the fact that they can be honest and open about the ups and downs of their startup journey in a confidential and supportive setting.

But this type of support event is not new nor is it restricted to social entrepreneurs as the concept is already being delivered for established for-profit businesses and companies alike to help them through their own growth journeys.

If you are a social entrepreneur and would like to take advantage of this type of event, the SEEK project lead partner, The Platform, are running some Action Learning Sets in September in Brighton.  Further details are available here and is open to all social entrepreneurs in Croydon.

The SEEK project has received funding under the Building Better Opportunities Programme which is jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund.

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