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Social Enterprise Breakfast Masterclass – Theory of Change – 25 July 2019

Photo from behind a man's head, looking at a pin board full of planning documents. By Pexels at Pixabay.

25 July 2019  9-11am

 Weatherill House Business Centre

Have you ever been asked how are you going to know if your social enterprise or project activities will make a difference?  When starting your social enterprise or project you need to know how you are going to get where you want to be.  A Theory of Change is a tool that shows an organisation or project’s path from needs through activities, outcomes and social impact. Social entrepreneurs need to understand and describe the changes they want to make and the steps they must take to make it happen. This masterclass builds on the two previous masterclasses to enable delegates to take a draft theory of change model to their own stakeholders.

The aim of this masterclass is to give attendees a basic understanding of the benefits of using Theory of Change within their social enterprise, how a theory of change is created and who needs to be involved.  By the end of the masterclass attendees will

  • understand what a theory of change is and how it fits within their social enterprise ideas
  • understand how a theory of change can be used to test solutions
  • prepare a first draft theory of change to discuss with their own stakeholders

Join other social entrepreneurs as we take you through this important document, often needed when applying for funding.

This masterclass is free and open to all to attend and is provided as part of the Building Business Horizons programme.

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