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Running for StartUp Croydon: Empowering Dreams, One Step at a Time

We are delighted that our tennant and local business owner Tom Breza will be running a marathon to help raise money for our charity this September.

Tom has taken on the challenge to run a marathon a month throughout 2023 and has helped to raise thousands of pounds for local charities. On September 16th Tom will head out to pound the streets of Bury St Edmonds and help us to raise money for our service users. Our charitable aims are to reduce unemployment and improve economic opportunities in the local area. Many people come to us with little or no savings and often need a small amount of cash to get started. Tom is helping us to raise the profile of our charity and any funds raised will go straight to the service users who vitally need this start-up injection.

Thankyou Tom for making such a difference to other peoples lives, and best of luck! 

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