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Work Experience Success!

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Here at StartUp Croydon we love to welcome in enthusiastic young people to experience what it is like to spend time in the workplace. 

Romy shares her insights on how her week with StartUp Croydon in December 2023, has enhanced her understanding of various workplace skills.

I had a chance to do my work experience at start up Croydon and during this time I learnt a lot of different skills needed in the workplace (including getting up early).  Although I came on a quiet week, I was still put to work. I carried out a range of different admin tasks and learnt how to make a excel spreadsheet. These tasks widened my knowledge a gave me an opportunity to see what work life is like.

On Monday, I excitedly welcomed by the team and shown around the building to see all the new amenities such as the business lounge, podcast room, virtual production studio, and of course all the fire escapes. I later had to fill in some surveys from Bootcamp Business Course run by StartUp Croydon.

This allowed me to understand what they had to offer and how they help small businesses grow. Through this and through the reviews given I learnt and understood the importance of how to carry yourself when promoting your business and how different sorts of marketing can completely change the course of your business in the path of success. This helped me a lot as the language used relates to my business a-level helping me understand how things like SWOT can help real life businesses instead of made-up scenarios.

On Tuesday, I went on a tour round the building again however this time the studio was in use, and I could see it in its full glory and the technicians control different things, which was very interesting how they could change so many details from the landscape to the weather. Later in the week I was introduced to a graphic design tool called Canva where I had to make posters that I later had to go around and put up.

I had many tasks to do over the week, I was at the front desk, I answered the door and welcomed different visitors, I also answered the phone, which was a bit nerve racking at first, but I got the hang of it. I also met the community manager who I gave ideas for her community events calendar, and the creative digital lab team.

One of my highlights of the week was on Wednesday, I helped my colleague Latoya write her flash cards and film her video in the virtual production studio for her amazing cause called WombBae, this allowed me to put my speech skills to use (after many years) and work alongside a brilliant Film producer Antonio Lewis learning what happens behind the scenes of a shoot and all the effort that goes into making and editing a short video.

On Thursday I was asked by the Project manager to make some calls to venues to make some inquiries about their spaces available, costs and dates and take brief notes so I could relay that information.

Overall, I had a brilliant time at StartUp Croydon and I couldn’t have chosen anywhere better to do my work experience or better people to meet. I learnt a lot here and learnt how to make different connections with people and stay connected to. I would love to come back at some point in the New year to get fully immersed in the StartUp Croydon experience.

I would like to say a big thank you to Saffron Saunders who gave me this opportunity at such a short notice, Latoya for making me feel comfortable and be myself and the entire Startup Croydon team for being so welcoming.”



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