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Prospect Living Roller Disco – Uniting Croydon Youth

Photo of young people rollerskating. By Ciffer88 at Pixabay

Introducing Prospect Living’s First Youth Event:  Gorgeous Glide Roller Disco

When: Saturday 21st December

Where: TBC

Who is it for:  Young People, Children, Families

Or, are you a Business who would like to support this event?

Click Here for the Roller Disco Flyer

‘Prospect Living’ is a youth lead initiative that hosts a variety of different projects across London dependant on community needs. We utilise youth interaction and encourage youth involvement in our projects as an opportunity for young people to grow, both in terms of character development and in attaining real starter business experience. In hope of providing more opportunities for young people to really become positive influences in their communities, as opposed to living up to negative stereotypes and condoning undesirable behaviours such as knife-crime.

Our first youth led project is a Roller disco. Roller skating is known to be an active, healthy, inclusive and fun experience that is appealing to a variety of different age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds.  However, considering the demand… is an experience not really accessible to our local residents.

Therefore during this upcoming festive season, on the 21st December 2019, we will be delivering a project that not only reunites our local community back together to enjoy a great evening, but also showcases to our community the amazing things that young people are actually capable of achieving when given relevant opportunities.

Prospect Living events are not profit maximising events as we are solely driven by the company’s purpose, which is solely to better the lives of other people. Therefore, we only fund raise or request financial support to cover the running of the event, such as:

Fundamental Expenses – (To make the event run) the includes – Hall Hire, Skate Hire and Sound


#Prospect Living Expenses – (To make the event great) such as Entertainment, Decorations and Photography/Videology

And in return for providing in-kind/financial aid for our event to go forward, we will be offering exclusive brand promotional services and marketing opportunities to sponsors, that not only highlight their brand as proud sponsors of the Gorgeous Glide Roller Disco’, but also as honoured sponsors of young people and our local community.

Below you will find an introduction into the different types of ‘Brand Promotional Services’ and ‘Marketing Opportunities’ that will be available to sponsors for the day of the event:   

  • Community Profile stalls – An exclusive opportunity to showcase what YOU and your COMPANY stand for. Profile Stalls allows both ESTABLISHED and EMERGING brands to take the spotlight and advertise all of the positive and impactful initiatives, products and services that they have to offer.

Product/Service Includes:  Blank canvas table available for full sponsor personalisation to market company’s – Name/Logo/Business Summary/Brochure/Website/Social Media Handles

  • Live banner display – A photogenic, Youth Developed 3 x 2FT Business display banner, hung directly on the walls in front of our skaters, showcasing your brands Name/ Business Logo/Business Slogan
  • Flyer/Brochure Distribution –Distribution of given marketing material provided by sponsor via #PL Goody Bags.

For further information on the event and / or sponsorship, please email:


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