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Promote your business for free

Many small businesses hide behind a decent website and some social media – all of which is nevertheless important to create brand awareness and professionalism. However, the canny businessperson will be aware that giving away your most valuable commodity – time – can reap huge rewards, but you may need to step outside your comfort zone.

  • Being a face as well as a name makes a lot of difference.
  •  It’s all about building up relationships and making connections.
  •  Use your time wisely and use your market research to target your relevant audience(s).
  •  Sometimes you will need to try a few different methods to make this possible.

So, what’s the FREE deal?

  • Keep an eye on our News and Events web pages – we offer plenty of opportunities to mix with the local business community.  Our bigger events offer free food and beverages, saving you even more money.
  • Also look at local websites such as NetWorkingAroundCroydon, Shaking Hands Events and the Business Navigator Events Calendar (for a more widespread listing from Croydon to the South Coast)
  • Eventbrite advertises local, and sometimes quite niche events plus festivals and expos that will also appear in the local media such as CR Mags and the Croydon Citizen.  Festivals can be incredibly cheap and surprisingly effective but you may need to bring your own gazebo and table.

Also, as a landlord offering highly affordable office premises, we try to help our tenants by posting blogs on our website as well as issuing invitations to our events and hosted networking.  If you are currently renting office space, perhaps your landlord will be able to support you in a similar way.  Failing that, we can always talk to you about accommodating an office move into one of our Croydon locations…… just a thought!

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