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Our Business Mentoring is FREE – for as long as you need it!

Since 1983, StartUp Croydon has been offering a range of services to start-up businesses including free mentoring.

Averaging around 160 advice sessions per year, we are happy to assist anyone, from any area and in any business sector.

As the Accredited Enterprise Centre for Croydon we pride ourselves on offering sound business advice, and a robust sign-posting service for help with industry specifics.  Unlike some other providers, we offer this service on a monthly basis and completely free of charge for as long as a fledgling business needs it.

Your first 1-2-1 session will be with our Operations Director, John Barrett, who has ?? years of business experience and runs our signature 3-Day Business Training Course and from there, should you wish to continue with our mentoring service, we will match you with one of our business experts who will continue with you through your start-up journey.

For further information, please click here.

Or contact our Reception Desk on 0203 7474747 to book a one-hour slot.





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