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Virtual Office Services Terms & Conditions of Business

StartUp Croydon is an initiative of Croydon Business Venture Ltd. Registered Company no. 1731516 (registered in England and Wales) Registered Charity no. 1145658

  1. Services will be provided by Croydon Business Venture Limited to the person(s) or company named on the application form (hereinafter called the Subscriber). Services will be provided in respect of one named business per application.
  2. The duty owed by Croydon Business Venture to the Subscriber shall consist of such of the following services as specified on the application form
    1. The receiving from the Post Office or other carrier of letters and packages addressed to the Subscriber and arranging either for the collection of these by the Subscriber from Croydon Business Venture’s offices during normal office hours or for the posting of the same to the Subscriber at the address given on the Application Form (or such other address as may be advised to Croydon Business Venture by the Subscriber in writing) as requested by the Subscriber. Please note: we can only forward items within the size/weight limits of the Royal Mail Letter Service. Large items must be collected. (Please see also para 3 below);
    2. the provision of such supplementary services as may from time to time be available during normal office hours.
  3. Letters and packages referred to in 2(i) shall not exceed 5 kilograms in weight or 1000 millimetres in overall size (ie the sum of all three dimensions). Croydon Business Venture shall be entitled to refuse to accept any items exceeding these limits. In the event of any such item being delivered to Croydon Business Venture’s offices, shall bear no responsibility therefore to either the sender or the Subscriber and in the event of the Subscriber failing to remove the same within one month of receiving notice thereof (for which purpose a letter addressed to the Subscriber at the last address notified to Croydon Business Venture shall be deemed sufficient) Croydon Business Venture shall have absolute right to dispose of same by whatever means it wishes and to recover the costs incurred from the Subscriber.
  4. Croydon Business Venture is not responsible for notifying the Subscriber when post has been delivered – a telephone call from the Subscriber to the front desk will allow us to check your mail for you. The staff at Croydon Business Venture can only open the Subscriber’s post with express written permission.
  5. Croydon Business Venture can accept items sent by registered mail or recorded delivery and will provide safe storage prior to collection. Please be advised that Croydon Business Venture cannot accept responsibility for items delivered to the wrong address. Large items must be collected within 7 days of delivery.
  6. Subscribers shall be required to quote their names and any other agreed identification before mail can be collected and shall accept that this forms sufficient authority for Croydon Business Venture to deliver the same.
  7. Croydon Business Venture will not knowingly accept cash on behalf of Subscribers.
  8. The service may be terminated with one month’s notice from either party.
  9. Under NO circumstances are ANY motor vehicles to be registered direct to Weatherill House. They must be registered at the keeper’s home address, without exception.
  10. Payment for the service is at the 1st of every month – failure to make full monthly payment could mean service will cease without further notice to you. Post will be returned to sender.
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