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Thank you for making the one-off Admin payment of £25 +VAT.

In order for us to complete the application process, please complete the form below.

It's Easy to Get Started

To initiate the Virtual Office Service for your business, there is a one-off admin fee of £25 +VAT paid online via GoCardless.

Once your payment has been made, you will be returned to a simple form to complete your details.

As part of our due diligence process, you’ll be sent a text message from ‘APLYiD’, our ID Verification Service, who will ask you to submit a photo of your driving licence or passport and a video to verify your identity.

The process is very simple and straightforward, and once complete and your ID has been verified, one of our team will contact you to confirm the next steps.

Virtual Office Services Fees

One-off Admin fee: £25 +VAT (£30)

Sole Trader (Basic): £25 +VAT (£30) per month (min. 3 months)

Limited Company (Full): £45 +VAT (£54) per month (min. 3 months)


  • Forwarded mail will be sent by 1st class post.
  • For postage items weighing more than 100 grams, there will be an additional charge equal to the additional postage.
  • Only items within the weight/size limits of the Royal Mail Letter Service can be forwarded• All mail service users are welcome to use our business lounge for informal meetings once a month at no extra cost.
  • Meeting rooms are half price and preferential rates for Co-working – enquire for prices

Setting up your Virtual Office Services is very simple. Just click the ‘GET STARTED’ button below to pay your one-off Admin fee of £25 +VAT.

What is StartUp Croydon’s Virtual Office service?

Use of a professional business address (such as Weatherill House) that you can use on your website, business cards and marketing materials.  Mail is held for collection, or it can be forwarded on, depending on which plan you opt into.  Anything bigger than a large letter must be collected in person from the Weatherill House.

What happens outside of office hours when there is a delivery at Weatherill House?

Tenants can receive deliveries out of hours by arranging this direct with the couriers. Unfortunately, we cannot accept deliveries for external customers outside normal office hours.

What is mail forwarding service at Weatherill House?

This service consists of forwarding your mail on to your home or other designated address.  You can choose how often you want this to happen and when.  Most people who use this service opt for one day a week, but you can choose a more regular service, or, if you don’t think you’ll receive much post, you can request a once-a-month option.

What are the advantages of Virtual Office at Weatherill House?

Our Virtual Office service provides a professional address for your business which can be added to your website and used as a registered office on Companies House. This can aid the perception of a more established business and protect your home address from public view. All mail will then be sent on to a private address of your choice or can be collected in person.

Can the staff at the front desk sign for parcels and packages?

During the hours that staff are on the premises (generally Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 5:30pm) we are able to accept and sign for your deliveries.

Why there is an admin fee for the Virtual Office at Weatherill House?

The charge is a one-off fee, and you won’t have to pay this again, even if you change your service to a tenancy or enhanced mailing service.  This is to cover the admin involved in processing your paperwork, setting up your mailbox and arranging your account.

Why is there an admin fee when signing up for Virtual Office services?

It is a legal requirement to carry out our due diligence when taking on new clients who will use our address. Therefore we carry out anti money laundering checks on all new clients, with associated costs.

How do I pay for booking a StartUp Croydon service at Weatherill House?

All services and training must be paid for in advance. We accept credit or debit cards (except American Express) over the phone, or we can supply you with BACS details to make a bank transfer. Please call our front desk on 0203 747 4747 during normal office hours.

Will I receive confirmation of payment for services at StartUp Croydon?

A invoice will be issued within 7 days of payment. Courses and seminars booked through Eventbrite will generate their own automated confirmation/receipt.

Can I park directly outside Weatherill House to pick up my mail?

You can part out temporarily, but if there’s no parking available and you need to collect boxes or heavy goods from us, we will direct you to our main undercover car park and help you by allocating a trolley for your deliveries.

Do I have to sign up to a contract for the Virtual Office service?

You do not need a contract for Virtual Office services. You can opt-out of this service at any time, but as this is an upfront monthly payment, you may need to time your cancellation so that you make full use of the service.

What happens after the cancellation of Virtual Office service at StartUp Croydon?

Once your Virtual Office service is cancelled, we usually allow a short period of time to elapse before we shut down your mailbox completely, but you’ll need to notify your contacts as soon as possible.  After two weeks, we’ll start returning your post to the sender.

How do I find out whether I have mail at Weatherill House?

To find out if you have mail at Weatherill House, please call us on 0203 7474747. However, we cannot call you when you post comes in unless in exceptional circumstances (and with advanced notification).  We are not authorised to open any of your post, but we can describe it to you so you can make a decision regarding its importance.

How soon can I expect my mailbox to be available at Weatherill House?

Your mailbox service will be available as soon as we’ve received the completed paperwork (application pack) and ID, together with your first payment.  We would recommend coming to Weatherill House in person so that we can check that your ID is satisfactory.

When can I collect post from Weatherill House?

​The front desk is open from 8am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. We will send on all post in the first and third week of the month, and the cost of this service will be added to your monthly invoices.

How much does it cost to use Virtual Office at Weatherill House?

Mail can be held for collection from £25 per month +VAT for sole traders. For Limited companies, the cost is £45 +VAT per month. There is also a one-off admin fee of £25 +VAT to be paid for the first month.

What are the key features of the Virtual Office service at Weatherill House?

Virtual OfficeMail Handling service is that you can use us as a registered company address as well as a business address.  But you also get half-price meeting room hire, together with discounts on co-working bookings, networking, and social events.

How do I register my business at Companies House?

The Government’s website contains a wealth of information, such as ‘How to Successfully Register my Company’. If you need further assistance, you can talk to one of our business experts completely free of charge by completing this attached form

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