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Business Lounge & Co-Working Space

The Business Lounge and Co-Working spaces were designed and built specifically to support our tenants and service users to develop their small businesses by offering a space to drop in for ad-hoc meetings in a business setting without distraction or spending time working with colleagues in a professional but relaxed environment.

Our newly refurbished Co-Working space is available to book now!

Come in and set up at one of our desks. Benefit from being around other like-minded people and help create an atmosphere of hard work and creativity.

It is the perfect place to work on anything from your business accounts to putting the perfect touches to your creative projects.

With the new cutting-edge Creative Digital Lab up on our first floor, this co-working suite offers an ideal breakout space for the post-production process.

The central desks have additional screens for the creative community using our Adobe suite.

Key features of StartUp Croydon Co-Working Space include:

  1. Flexible Workspaces: Offering a variety of workspaces, including open desks, private pods, and communal areas. This allows individuals and teams to choose the environment that suits their work style and preferences.
  2. Community and Networking: One of the main advantages of co-working spaces is the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of professionals. StartUp Croydon facilitates networking events, workshops, and seminars that encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among its members.
  3. Amenities: Our Co-working space comes equipped with essential amenities such as high-speed internet, printing and scanning facilities, ergonomic furniture, kitchenette areas, and more.
  4. Support Services: StartUp Croydon offers support services for startups, such as mentoring, business advisory, and access to resources like legal and financial experts. These services can be particularly helpful for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.
  5. Location: The co-working space’s location is situated just off Purley Way with ample parking and only 2 minutes’ walk from Wandle Park Tram, local businesses, and other amenities.
  6. Membership Plans: We offer various membership plans to cater to different needs. These plans can include options for full-time or part-time usage, access to specific amenities, and more.
  7. Collaborative Environment: At StartUp Croydon we foster an environment where members can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and even find potential partners or clients.
  8. Events and Workshops: We hold events, workshops, and courses to help members develop their skills, gain industry insights, and stay updated on the latest trends.
  9. Professional address: For freelancers and startups, having a professional business address can be crucial. Our Virtual Office using our Virtual Office service has many benefits for businesses of all types and sizes and will allow you to use our address at Weatherill House as your office address for business post deliveries, as well as your limited company registered office address.
  10. Flexibility: Our Co-working spaces are known for their flexible terms, allowing members to scale up or down as their business needs change. This is especially beneficial for startups and small businesses with variable requirements.

Before considering joining StartUp Croydon Co-Working Space, it’s a good idea to visit us, enquire about membership plans and amenities, and understand the community and services we offer. Co-working spaces can be a fantastic solution for those seeking a productive and collaborative work environment without the commitment and overhead of traditional office spaces.

Please call 0203 7474747 or email to arrange a meeting.

Pods for private calls, video calls and 1-2-1s

Breakoutspace for relaxed conversations

Quiet Coworking Space - work without distraction

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