Start-Up Croydon also has a range of services available at Weatherill House for clients who do not need a permanent base, but who need a business address and other office services.

For a low monthly fee the following can be provided for eligible businesses:

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Business Address*

By using Weatherill House as your Business Address*, your mail may be held here for you to collect. Our offices are open from 8:00am to 7:45pm (Mon -Fri) and 9:00am to 4:00pm (Sat) Alternatively your mail may be forwarded to you by first class post either daily or weekly, as required.


Telephone Answering*

Our switchboard is answered ‘Weatherill House’ and our receptionist will take messages for you. You may telephone or call in for your messages, or we will forward them to you daily by email.


Fax Facilities

We can receive and transmit your faxes worldwide. Messages for transmission should be handed in at reception with details of the number to which they are to be sent. You will be advised by telephone of incoming messages, which can be collected from reception or forwarded to you, as required.


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Copying Facilities

A3 and A4 copies, single/double sided, black/white or colour, enlarging/reducing, collation.


*Subscribers to the above services, please note:

While our address and/or telephone number may be used on your normal business stationery specific agreement must be reached before either can be used for advertisements of any kind. We cannot provide services to any business whose name includes the words ‘Weatherill House’ or ‘Park House Central’ or any other words or phrases which might suggest that it is associated with Start-Up Croydon and/or Croydon Business Venture, or for businesses whose activities might conflict with those of Croydon Business Venture. Any business using any of the above services must be legitimate and registered with the appropriate authorities. OUR ADDRESS MAY NOT BE USED AS THE REGISTERED ADDRESS OF A LIMITED COMPANY.

Payment for the above services should be made monthly in advance by BACS or standing order. Any additional charges (e.g. excess postage) will be invoiced at the end of the month in which they arise. Terms are payment within seven days and late payment may result in the cessation of service.