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New laws to ensure the UK has the skills it needs

New laws to allow skilled professionals from around the world to have their qualifications recognised in the UK have been introduced to Parliament.

Now the UK has taken back control of its laws from the EU, the government is introducing new legislation so skilled professionals can have their qualifications recognised in the UK where they meet UK standards. Regulators will have the autonomy to assess qualifications, and to pursue arrangements with counterparts in other countries in the interests of their professions.

Minister for Investment Lord Gerry Grimstone said:

“British professional qualifications are globally recognised as the gold standard, adding to our global reputation for professionalism.

Our new laws are freeing regulators from EU restrictions and opening up routes to attract professionals who meet UK standards from around the world, re-enforcing the UK as the best place to work, trade, and do business.

Our proposals give regulators the autonomy they need to ensure all professionals in the UK meet the rigorous standards expected in all parts of the UK.”

The announcement follows the government acting on an unprecedented scale to protect jobs, livelihoods, businesses and public services throughout the pandemic. The government is building on this through its flagship Plan for Jobs that will increase job opportunities in all parts of the UK backed by £30 billion of investment, and the Plan for Growth that will lay the foundations for a recovery driven by the private sector, spreading investments and opportunity throughout the UK.

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