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Networking at a Distance

Prior to the Covid19 pandemic, one of the most enjoyable aspects of business life used to be networking with other SMEs and Entrepreneurs.  Being a start-up or small business can feel quite isolating – even more so during lockdown and its aftermath.

However, the new normal has heralded the advent of digital linkups via platforms such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom.  Most of the groups who used to get together in person are now rolling out on-line versions of their business socials.

It may not be possible at this point in time to enjoy a good early morning fry-up together or an evening glass of wine, but the chat and humour are still very much a part of the format so it may be worth giving a few of these meetings a go:

Croydon Enterprise Plus (click here)

“Croydon Enterprise Plus is an independent group of Croydon based business owners who meet on the second Thursday morning of each month at Weatherill House Enterprise Centre to help each other and grow our businesses.”

CEP are currently conducting their meetings via Zoom.

If you would like to find out more and/or take part, please contact Paul Pickering at:

Ladies who Latte (click here)

“If you want to network with a group of like-minded businesswomen, then why not join us at LadiesWhoLatte!  We are a group of ladies who meet monthly at Weatherill House. Our meetings are friendly, informal and supportive and we welcome everyone whether you are a pre-start up or have a well-established business!”

To find out how the Ladies are managing to Latte online during the Covid19 lockdown, please contact Chris Carter at:

Big Breakfast (click here)

“Putting a twist on the traditional format of speed networking, each attendee will be given two minutes to speak, with everyone receiving each other’s details after the session to follow up on any leads they are interested in. There is also a chat room, where people can either talk to the entire group (and share things such as links to websites and email addresses) or with one person they are interested in taking a business discussion further”

A different and fun way of networking.  Croydon meetings used to take place at Ikea but having trialled the meetings on-line, this very popular event is worth signing up to.

Zoom Sessions cost £7.50 and you can expect to have a dedicated conversation with 12-15 businesses as well as engaging with lots more in the chat room.

Croydon Referral Exchange (click here)

“A business networking group that meets each Friday over breakfast at the Hilton National on Purley Way, Croydon. With a great mixture of business, information and humour, many of CRX’s members have been involved in the group for years but there is always a warm welcome for visitors and prospective new members”

You may have to supply your own breakfast, but can still connect to the group by contacting Beatrice Schaer at:

It’s extremely easy to get involved and each group will give you instructions on how to access the meeting prior to the event.  

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