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Motivate Yourself in March

Photograph of a crepe5th March – Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday is a day of indulgence.  “Shrove” comes from the word shriven, involving confession, penance and absolution in several different faiths, but many people in the UK take this opportunity to make traditional pancakes with lemon juice and sugar.   If you are a new start-up or planning to start your business, we would like to indulge you with training and support that won’t break the bank.  Our 3-day business training course is only £20 and will give you all the basics that are essential for making a success of your business and we also follow this up with free mentoring and advice for as long as you need it.

Ladies seated in a row with coffee cups bearing the StartUp Croydon logo. And the Ladies Who Latte is at the bottom of the page8th March – International Women’s Day

Celebrating 110 years of women’s rights and history, events will be held across the world as a continuation of empowering women and giving them control over their own lives.  Why not join us for our next Ladies who Latte event that takes place at Weatherill House on Tuesday 12th March from 10am to 12pm.  This all-female group aims to inspire and welcome ladies in business, particularly those who prefer an environment where both working life and home life are important for success. However, if you don’t fit the Ladies who Latte criteria, we also host a mixed networking event on behalf of Croydon Enterprise Plus on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Photo of a ceramic pink and white piggy bank with a hand feeding a pound coin into the slot in its back14th March – No Smoking Day

For many, this is an opportunity to give up an unhealthy habit.  Think of how much money you could save!  And talking of saving money, StartUp Croydon are able to offer a range of subsidised services for small businesses such as meeting room hire and business mail box.

Hazey background of flowers with wooden blocks at the front spelling out the word SUMMER25th March – British Summertime Begins

At this time of the year, the British countryside starts to become alive with colour as trees and shrubs bud with bright green and spring flowers make an appearance.  At Weatherill House we are lucky enough to have a beautiful park right on our doorstep.  We currently have a few offices available to rent at highly affordable rates and we are also offering big discounts to start-up businesses this month, so why not make an appointment for an office viewing and see what we have to offer on the outskirts of Croydon where there are so many advantages over a central location.

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