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Morgan Stanley Report on Employees Returning to the Workplace UK

According to data collected by the Alphawise research unit of Morgan Stanley Investment Bank on 14-17 September, the number of UK workers returning to their desks gathered pace with 45% of office staff heading back to work, compared with 37% in August and 34 % in July.
The number of staff going back was rising steadily before Boris Johnson once again urged employees in England to work from home wherever possible to try to contain the second wave of coronavirus.
Before the prime minister’s intervention on 22 September, the government had been encouraging people back into their workplaces to help revive the economy.
However, even at 45%, the UK is lagging well behind much of Europe, where 75% of office staff had returned despite a resurgence of the virus. in those countries.

Almost a third (32%) of UK office staff were working from home five days per week, making Britain a “notable outlier” in the survey, Morgan Stanley said.
By comparison, across continental Europe just 16-19% of office workers were working from home five days a week.  More than 70% of UK workers said they were working at home because their employer had made the decision or their office was closed, rather than it being a personal choice.

To read the full article in The Guardian, please click here

Weatherill House is currently open for business and, with our excellent hygiene standards firmly in place, we are encouraging all of our businesses to return to their offices.  Of our 27 licensees, two thirds have returned to the building.  Some are rotating their staff to assist with travel and others have expanded into another office to allow for social distancing requirements.

If you are looking for office space, please speak to us about your requirements as we are currently offering discounts on our office units that are tailored to individual needs.

In addition, we have a partitioned and fully Covid-19 compliant co-working space available for up to 3 people for £25 + VAT on an ad-hoc basis, but with the option of cheaper rates with increased usage.

Call us on 0203 7474747 for further enquiries and bookings.

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