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Masterclass Session December 7th 2022

Presenting with Conviction – with Sheila Marshall & Gordon Walker

In this talk, we look at how to present. In this digital age, so much of a start-up’s self-promotion involves speaking to camera; an activity that still fills most people with dread. So, how can we overcome that dread and improve our communication when speaking to camera?

Join us between 1pm and 2pm as seasoned video producer, Sheila Marshall, teaches you practical skills to overcome fear and present to camera or an audience with conviction. Sheila will be joined by experienced business coach Gordon Walker, who will share insight into how we must adapt our style when dealing with different personalities – an upbeat, practical session which will leave you feeling energised and informed on understanding your clients’ personality and considering their style in an approach to adapt your own behaviour, so as to build better relationships.




Sheila Marshall

Gordon Walker

Gordon Walker

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