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Lunch & Learn Masterclass Sessions

To enable us to provide an enhanced level of support to keep the momentum going for our new entrepreneurs, we have launched a series of fantastic, free Masterclasses.

Join us every month for a ‘Lunch & Learn’ session, each of which covers a highly relevant and important subject that will be invaluable for you and your business, and all completely free of charge.

Our Masterclasses are unique to StartUp Croydon, and run in parallel with our highly successful Business Incubator programme. These bite-sized sessions will complement the course with need-to-know nuggets based around scaling, forecasting and mindset.

Come along and join other like-minded entrepreneurs for our Lunch & Learn Masterclass Sessions. You never know what you might learn.

The first four Masterclass Sessions are:

September 14th 2022

Business Models: How to create implement and deliver value in your business – with Adryanne Johnson

Join StartUp Croydon’s resident Adryanne for a speedy session to help you understand how to maximise the productivity and efficiency of your organisation by creating, implementing and improving your processes and systems. Operations management controls and supervises your company’s goods, services and people.


Adryanne will show us how to maximise your company operations to increase revenues and remove waste.

October 12th 2022

Mindset for Success – with Lisa Allen

Join Lisa Allen of Islanda, for a talk on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

EQ is a key predictor of workplace performance, and it is a skill that can be learned. Leaders with high EQ create environments in which people can thrive. Join us during your lunch hour for a short, snappy session on developing and maintaining a mindset for success.

Realise your dream for a successful business. Stop those self-doubts, negative thoughts, or feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’ from sabotaging your success.

November 9th 2022

How to Grow from £0 to £1million Revenue with Vision and Determination – with George Meressa & Fintan O’Toole

This talk will begin with our resident success story, George Meressa, from Clear Ads.

George will talk you through his journey from employee to employer and the risks and strategies he has used to reach his current status.

He will be joined by Start up Croydon’s Chairman, Fintan O’Toole; an expert HR consultant who will offer insights on hiring staff and reducing risk to your company as you hire to expand your bottom line.

December 7th 2022

Presenting with Conviction  – with Sheila Marshall & Gordon Walker

In this talk we look at how to present. In this digital age, so much of a StartUp’s self-promotion involves speaking to camera, an activity that still fills most people with dread. So, how can we overcome that dread and improve our communication when speaking to camera?

Join seasoned video producer, Sheila Marshall, who will teach you practical skills to overcome fear, and present to camera or an audience with conviction. Sheila will be joined by experienced business coach, Gordon Walker, who will share insight into how we must adapt our style when dealing with different personalities – an upbeat, practical session which will leave you feeling energised and informed on understanding your clients’ personality and considering their style in an approach to adapt your own behaviour, so as to build better relationships.

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