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Keeping our Business Community Connected

We’re feeling pretty good since we connected with our alumni at our Monday Winter Warmer zoom sessions, to talk about what’s going on with our businesses and setting goals for the coming week.

After the unexpected Christmas and New Year festivities, and having had a break from the computer to spend quality time with family and friends, we wanted to start 2022 by supporting our tenants and training course attendees by sharing an online lunch with them during the winter months of January and February.

Our first “feature speaker” slot took us on a slide-show journey through Croydon’s past as an eco-system, presented by Saffron, our CEO.  There will also be an opportunity on alternate weeks to incorporate peer support into the format, so that we can brainstorm a particular problem that one of our participants is unable to resolve.

In addition, to keep the buzz going during the week, we have introduced a Slack channel for all of our alumni, staff and tenants to use.  As we build more effective communication channels with our business community, we hope that the benefits of connecting with each other will continue to gain momentum, and improve everyone’s working life.

Join us on our BBH or Bootcamp courses, or as a tenant at Weatherill House to become part of our business community.


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