Picture of a mug of black coffee on a table with a spiral bound, unlined note pad and pencil. The note pad has the Good Employer Croydon logo in the left-hand corner and free style writing saying "Breakfast at Weatherill House on 18th May at 8.00am, book now!"

In July 2017, StartUp Croydon became one of the first companies to receive the prestigious Good Employer Croydon award.  This accolade highlights StartUp Croydon’s ethos and values.

As well as being a huge advocate of business and community spirit, the members of the small Startup Croydon team all value and respect each other and work interactively to make their organisation a happy and productive environment.

“By endorsing the Good Employer Croydon charter, we are committed to supporting the success of Croydon’s local economy through using local supply chains, creating job opportunities, ensuring employees are paid a fair wage and by promoting fairness, equality and sustainability through our business practices”

We also aim to strengthen business relationships by holding networking and other events at Weatherill House, and we are therefore delighted to be hosting Croydon Council’s Economic Development Team and a variety of speakers for a morning of pastries, cookies and refreshments, and further information about the Charter and how to become a part of it – it’s easier than you might think!

For more information and to book your FREE ticket, click here.