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Inside Impact Accelerates with Digital Transformation

As we have now been delivering The London E-Business Programme for 6 months, we are starting to see the impact of our consultancy.

Read on for a testimonial from Alexa Sage of Inside Impact and the Digital Transformation her business has undergone since meeting our advisor.

 An Expert Illuminates Perspective 

At Inside Impact, our key focus is helping organisations to measure, demonstrate and accelerate the social impact their work makes to people’s lives. Our services require that I am highly literate in the digital world, therefore I initially dismissed StartUp Croydon’s London E-Business Support Programme thinking it couldn’t be for someone at my digital level. How mistaken I was! This programme has transformed my impact measurement company in ways I never could have imagined. 

Measure, Demonstrate and Accelerate their Social Impact 

It started when I met e-Business Adviser Adam Pavitt at a Connecting Croydon event. He explained that the sessions provided 100% bespoke 1-on-1 advice scheduled as needed, with no set curriculum. His level of digital expertise blew me away. I realized he could be the critical piece I was missing. 

Those first few hours of free advice were incredibly valuable. Adam showed me blind spots and digital opportunities I had completely missed. With his guidance, my entire business model shifted. 

Unlocking New Revenue Streams 

One major change was converting one-off client projects into standalone digital products with value-based pricing for higher profits. A new service launching soon will provide rapid, data-driven reports on charity financials, trends, and geographic insights using public data. 

The programme also helped me explore ways to create recurring revenue like online communities, and, ongoing support for offerings like our 12-Week Impact Accelerator program. We’re adding options for continued expert practitioner access after the initial course. 

Leveraging StartUp Croydon’s Resources 

Additionally, thanks to the new Creative Digital Lab, we’re turning the live Accelerator into a self-paced, pre-recorded version to generate passive income. We’ll record it this summer at the CDL and launch to individuals and organizations by autumn. 

A Confidently Profitable Future 

My confidence in building a profitable business has skyrocketed. I’m no longer anxious if one product doesn’t sell because I now see numerous potential revenue streams. 

The biggest mindset shift? Realizing I can grow my business while decreasing time worked and stress by fully embracing digital opportunities 

I strongly recommend all businesses try this programme, regardless of your digital experience. There’s no minimum commitment – nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m glad I abandoned my initial scepticism and gave it a chance! 


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