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In Memory of Bryan Treherne

We are truly saddened to hear that one of our long-standing tenants and also a great friend of StartUp Croydon, Bryan Treherne, passed away just before Christmas.  Bryan’s business, South London Export Club, provided invaluable advice to thousands of international traders across the borough and beyond.  Not only was Bryan incredibly knowledgeable, he was also a genuine, kind and friendly person who went out of his way to help the business community.

Here are a collection of thoughts from the staff at Weatherill House, who knew him and will miss him greatly:

Bryan was one of the first people I met when I joined the Croydon business community in 2013 and welcomed me with enthusiasm and support. The godfather of Croydon and international trade was always there to support anyone interested in growing their business. I spoke to him a few months ago and he sounded his jolly self, so very sad to hear he has passed on. (Saffron)

Bryan was an expert in his field and always went out of his way to help people, and me, when I needed help on international trade. His regular workshops at the South London Export Club were filled with amazing speakers. As a tenant here at StartUp Croydon, he was always networking and sharing his experience.
He also shared his produce from his allotments and his gardening prowess with us. He will truly be missed. (Geoff)

Bryan was one of the most sociable people I’ve ever met. Not only did he take a genuine interest in everyone he had contact with, he remembered even the smallest details and always took the time to ask about things discussed in previous conversations.  His loss will leave a very large hole in the Croydon business community. (Ben)

I mainly knew Bryan in a professional capacity, but his depth of character always made him seem more like a friend and he always called me “young lady”.
Because he was a tenant at StartUp Croydon, I saw him on a daily basis for many years and at networking, events and expos. His enthusiasm for the business world was limitless – what Bryan didn’t know, wasn’t worth knowing.
My daughter, Meg, remembers him when she was a teenager, when he helped her at networking events to overcome her self-consciousness by being an ally and friendly face. And, knowing that my dad had been a bee-keeper, he passed on to me some honey and a lovely “bee jar” that he had been gifted, as a thank you for some small errand or support that I’d been able to provide.
Everyone in the Croydon Business Community knew Bryan.  He truly was an incredible man and he will be hugely missed by us all. (Feyley)
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