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How will offices change after Covid19?

Extracts from a “Health Article” on the BBC’s News Website (by Jessica Mudditt -15th May 2020)

The first phase of resuming office life will involve making basic changes to keep employees safe and allay fears, says Albert De Plazaola, global strategy director at design firm Unispace. “We may have lived with the flu for many years, but this is the first time our generation has experienced a pandemic. We’re now hyperaware of health risks, whether real or imagined. And employers are hypersensitive about the potential for liability if people get sick at work.” 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many are heralding the end of the open-plan workplace and the return of small, private offices. Huddle rooms, for example, could be used as offices until social distancing protocols are relaxed. 

We’re putting customer and staff safety at the top of the agenda at Weatherill House

Since 1st June, Weatherill House has been fully open for business and we are proud of the health and safety initiatives that we have in place to protect our licensees, staff and visitors.

Everyone is required to wear a mask in the public areas, where touchpoints are regularly sanitised throughout the day and there is clear signage to remind everyone of the new social distancing areas and requirements.    Our meeting rooms have reduced capacity but are still operational and cleaned after every meeting to provide an added level of safety for our customers.

Our Operations Director, John Barrett, commented “at first, the businesses who occupy rented offices at Weatherill House were nervous to return to work but the precautions that we have initiated have instilled confidence over the last few weeks and we now have the same friendly, ambient atmosphere here that we used to have before Covid19”

We currently have a number of offices available to accommodate 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 persons and we are happy to tailor our offering to suit individual needs so please arrange a visit to view our modern enterprise centre and speak to us about how this can work for you.


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