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How to Prepare Your LinkedIn Profile for Networking

LinkedIn is such a powerful platform for business networking. As well as acting as an online CV it’s a useful tool to help you stand out as a key person of influence in your field.

Local Digital strategist Chelena Peart founder of The Vault Virtual Agency helps small businesses make the most of their online presence through how to make the most of their LinkedIn page when networking.

Chelena has created this video using Loom which helps the reader stay engaged while following clear instructions. This is an excellent example of using digital technology to enhance your business.

Chelena Peart has taken advantage of the E-Business advice we are offering and is now a key speaker at our next Bootcamp where she will deliver a session on “Using Digital Platforms to Raise Your Profile,”

Chelena will guide participants through the essentials of building a strong online presence. She’ll cover strategic personal branding, leveraging social media platforms effectively, and harnessing the power of content marketing to attract and engage audiences. Participants will learn how to optimise their LinkedIn profiles for maximum impact, utilise video content to enhance visibility and employ SEO tactics to increase their discoverability online. Her insights will empower attendees to confidently navigate digital spaces and turn their online profiles into powerful tools for business growth.


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