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How Does Your Social Enterprise Orchard Grow? Social Enterprise Problem Identification Masterclass

As part of the Building Business Horizons programme, we’re supporting our participants with a series of masterclasses covering both social enterprise and commercial enterprise topics and May saw our first set being delivered.

The Problem Identification masterclass focused on how social entrepreneurs need to have an in-depth appreciation of the social or environmental issue that they are trying to help resolve.  One particular technique that can be used is the Problem Tree – a graphic tool that allows you to site the problem on the trunk and map out the causes of the problem as the roots and the effects it has as the branches of the tree.

Once participants had identified the issues, causes and their effects on their trees, they ‘grew apples’ on specific branches which were their potential services and products that they could develop and offer to help reduce some of the effects of the problem.

If you are interested in finding out about this technique and how it could help in you identifying the root causes and effects of social issues you are trying to help resolve, contact us on 0203 747 4747 or or

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