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Focus on Weatherill House businesses during Covid19 – Clear Ads Ltd

Over the next few months, we will be featuring some of the clients who occupy office space at our prestigious Enterprise Centre, Weatherill House.  We would like to introduce to you:

Clear Ads Ltd

Clear Ads Ltd transformed into a 7 figure Advertising Agency due to COVID 19

Despite the economic uncertainty of the current season, one of our licensees has seen an outstanding 4x growth in business during the pandemic. The business in question is Clear Ads Ltd. As a PPC agency who specialise in assisting Sellers on Amazon with their advertising, they have profited from the explosion of the digital ecosystem during lockdown as more people have opted to shop online. With more people shopping online, the number of sellers online has naturally increased with some original sellers merely extending their range of products but many businesses choosing to move their entire stocks online due to the current circumstances. Either way it has led to an unexpected increase in workload for George, the company Director and his team.

As a globally recognised Amazon Advertising Agency, Clear Ads have successfully ridden the wave in the surge of online shopping that has occurred in recent months. Not only have they prevailed in the unexpected spike in sales but have also made use of the opportunity to significantly expand their workforce to include young, promising and enthusiastic employees all of whom eager to learn and grow in the industry. Additionally, this has provided work experience to some of the young people whose educational and career prospects have been somewhat compromised by Covid-19.

Since 2011, Clear Ads have assisted businesses with their paid advertising initially through Google Ads but more recently this has extended to Amazon Advertising which has become the core focus of their business. In addition to Amazon Advertising, their team helps 7,8 and 9 figure businesses acquire exclusive access to the recently developed Amazon Demand Side Platform advertising programme which enables their clients to programmatically buy display and video ads and thus enhance their advertising potential.

Director at Clear Ads Ltd, George Meressa commented on the unpredicted growth of the company saying “We did believe that we would experience some growth when the pandemic started as more people got acquainted with online shopping. We didn’t however think that the demand would reach the point at which we had to stop taking on new business for a few weeks to manage the surge in workload.

Furthermore George highlights that in spite of the re-opening of various conventional in-person stores, the online shopping industry is not deteriorating, “Even with the ease of lockdown, sales online for the clients we manage have not seemed to slow down and we are getting even more enquiries through now than ever before. As exciting as this is, we have had to hire a consultant to help us manage this level of growth and go on an aggressive recruitment drive to pick up new and young talent.” It seems George and his team will have their work cut out for them for the foreseeable future and we are excited to witness their expansion and success.

At Weatherill House, we currently have office space available for 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 people.  So, whether you are a small start-up in need of an affordable and professional place of business, or a larger organisation who is interested in a satellite hub, please speak to us about your needs so that we can tailor an all-inclusive package for you, or make an appointment to see our impressive, modern enterprise centre on the outskirts of Croydon Town Centre, close to Wandle Park tram stop.  Telephone: 0203 7474747


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