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First Technology Transfer – Coding Courses for Youngsters

Picture of a large light bulb centred on a black background, shedding beams of light on fifty small icons that depict knowlege such as an abacus, a brain, test tubes in a rack, nuclear fusion symbol etc. By Harishs at Pixabay

Although a relatively new tenant within our modern Enterprise Centre, Weatherill House, First Technology Transfer are making their mark as a top notch training organisation, focusing on coding and digital electronics systems.

First Technology Transfer Ltd (FTT) have a panel of highly experienced and highly qualified instructors who have been delivering specialist, innovative and state of the art technical training and consultancy to corporate organisations across the world in support of their engineers who are developing traditional IT, Digital Embedded, Business, Web and Mobile applications.

More recently we have noted the gradual increase in requests from younger members of our community for support in learning programming and code related activities.  Andrew Eliasz our Director has always been an evangelist for the uptake of technology teaching in schools and has a special interest in encouraging more youngsters to take up careers in science and technology.

Photo of a female student in front of a laptop with a whiteboard background that has mathematcial equations drawn onto it. By Gerd Altmann of PixabayTo address this we are pleased to announce the formation of CODE Croydon (Centre of Digital Excellence Croydon) – a centre for delivery and developing outstanding computer science and engineering skills in Croydon as well as a hub for exploration and exploitation of newly emerging coding and digital electronics systems especially IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

FTT together with Croydon Tutorial College has ambitions to provide GCSE and A Level Computer Science courses and professional (graduate) level technical courses for those wishing to develop web development and programming skills as beginners.

Unfortunately, in our experience not all schools teach computer science at GCSE and A Level.  It is for this reason that we will be running intensive evening and weekend courses in Python programming as well as intensive courses leading to GCSE Computer Science and A Level Computer Science in one year.

For the gifted and ambitious young programmers FTT together with Croydon Tutorial College has developed a series of 5-day programming workshops that go beyond GCSE and A Level Computer science.  These workshops can be taken individually or in combination.

The aim of these workshops is to provide an introduction to topics that are not ordinarily taught or covered in the typical school curriculum.  Although they deal with quite advanced topics they have been designed to be understandable by most able students who have just completed their GCSEs, or have completed their first year in the 6th form.  They may also be of interest to technically minded parents and teachers who are also welcome should they wish to attend.  The courses are designed primarily for young people between the ages of 16 and 20, but may also be useful for those who have completed a first year at University and perhaps struggled with e.g. C and Python programming.  And also for those with arts degrees who are interested in possible careers requiring creative computer programming skills.

Occasionally we come across unusual young people with an intense interest in the technical details of programming and computer science and for these we have developed an intensive C and C++ programming course – staged at various levels (akin to grading in Aikido for example) that will lead to the ability to earn a good income as embedded systems or computer graphics or computer games Programmers e.g. whilst studying at University.

For more details about our activities please visit:

If you want to chat to us about your specific circumstances and how we can help then feel free to get in touch with us.  Contact details are in the ‘contact us’ link in the above websites.”

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