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Farewell Amaris!

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Congratulation to Amaris on completing her Kickstarter experience! 


Back in August 2021 we were delighted to meet recent fashion promotion graduate Amaris Bentsi- Enchill who was looking for her next career step as a Kickstarter. We were looking for someone to take on our social media platforms and Amaris confidently knew this role was right for her. As a business owner, we felt hiring Amaris would give her holistic business knowledge to help her develop her own business dreams in the future.  

Amaris was selected and since then she has been a valued member of our small team here at StartUp Croydon. Over the past seven months, the work she put into creating all our social media posts and maintaining our presence across our social platforms has not gone unnoticed nor underappreciated – Amaris managed to boost our interactions on all social networks through her creativity and eye for detail.  

We have received much feedback complimenting our content and design and as Amaris bids farewell, she leaves a legacy of templates and creative content that will be used to propel us forward with a planned and succinct presentation.  

Amaris wrote about her experience:   

‘I joined all the courses that they offer at StartUp Croydon which really helped in the development stages of my company, from this I gained knowledge on things that I needed to get me started. My colleagues would print out businesses plan templates, read over my business plan for me for me and help me improve it. They also helped me find online resources to help me with legal requirements of my business.’ 

Amaris presence in the office here at Start-up Croydon will be missed greatly. Not only by her fellow colleagues but also by the tenants who had grown accustomed to her warm personality. Amaris helped with front of house duties and her confidence and professionalism has developed over the past few months and we are sure that skills learnt working as part of our team will stay with her and we look forward to seeing where life takes her next.  

Good Luck and stay in touch  

All the team and tenants at Start-up Croydon 

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