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Emotional Intelligence – Life Beyond Covid

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Covid-19, a virus that started in 2019, is still rampant prompting questions like:
• How much longer will this go on?
• How will we get through yet another year?
• When will we get back to normal?

With stress and anxiety levels continuing to rise, and physical and mental health problems
putting ever more pressure on our NHS services, something has got to change in 2022…but

As with many of life’s challenges we are unable to fully eliminate or control Covid. Instead,
we need to change our emotional response to it.

If we don’t, we will continue to ‘suffer’.

And this can be expanded to life beyond Covid.

How can we suffer less when we are faced with a world that is faster paced, more volatile,
uncertain, complex and demanding than ever before? (A trend that is unlikely to reverse any
time soon).

If we cannot lessen the sources of stress, we need to develop skills that manage and
regulate the unpleasant emotions at the heart of stress and many mental and physical
health issues. We need to stop emotions dominating our experiences and instead use the
energy in those emotions as a force for good, to tackle challenges, adapt and move forward
more positively.

And the good news…

This is a skill that can be learned and is often referred to as emotional intelligence, or EQ for
short. People high in EQ are ‘smarter with feelings’, able to manage and regulate emotions
more effectively.

Lisa Allen is one of Start Up Croydon’s mentors in our Building Business Horizons Incubator Initiative.
As well as being a mentor, through her business Islanda, she helps individuals and teams in businesses and schools to develop EQ skills and as a result improve their wellbeing, relationships and performance.

Lisa offers a range of services including:
• 1-1 coaching
• ‘Lunch and Learn’ taster sessions
• Half and full day workshops and
• Leadership Development Programmes


To enrich the experience and enable greater insights a variety of tools are available including:
• DISC personality profile assessments
• Six Seconds EQ assessment tools and eye-catching visuals in the form of information cards and posters like these two posters being displayed in our reception area:

Find out more at or get in touch with Lisa to discuss how EQ could help you or your business make 2022 a better year.

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