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Embarking on a New Venture

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Building a Successful Business From Scratch – Mikala Aryes Consultancy

In the summer of 2023, I seized an exciting business opportunity by deciding to become self-employed. Leveraging my extensive experience in Human Resources and Learning and Development, I established my own consultancy business- MIkala Ayres HR and Training Consultancy . My services are tailored to local businesses and charities without a dedicated HR team. They span across HR and Training Support and includes daily HR advice, Employment Contracts and Staff Handbooks, Performance Coaching, Professional Mentoring and more. I also offer Insights Discovery sessions to foster personal and professional growth, communication, and teamwork. I have recently been accepted as a Trustee of a local Charity, an opportunity which came along during my time on the programme.

Business Growth and Success

Considering how intimidating starting a business can be, the comprehensive programme and e-business support from the Start Up Croydon team were invaluable to my journey. The programme unveiled a wide range of potential business pathways I had not identified on my own and helped develop my concept into a real business. The guidance I received gave me the confidence, skills, and knowledge necessary to truly grow my business as a sole trader.

My business has flourished since signing up for the E-Business Support Programme. In just six months I find myself operating at full capacity—an achievement I could scarcely imagine in the beginning. My LinkedIn profile now boasts numerous positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied clients.

Strategic Guidance from The E-Business Team

Getting enrolled onto the programme at my Diagnostic Session Naveed, my E-Business advisor, was amazing in helping me refine my business model. We analysed differentiated approaches for corporate clients and charities/non-profits, offering tailored solutions for each sector’s unique need. During the session we also developed focused digital marketing strategies and plans to optimise my websites, social media, Google/LinkedIn ads and email marketing. Following this, our insightful 121 sessions gave us the chance to explore online services and partnerships my business could take advantage of while the recommended Action Plans kept me focused on the key tasks for achieving the targets discussed.

Support from Start Up Croydon

Outside of business growth from the E-Business Programme, the multifaceted support from Start Up Croydon such as workshops, webinars and networking events have been crucial in establishing a robust local network. I wholeheartedly endorse their invaluable community resources. The knowledge gained and connections made will continue to propel my entrepreneurial journey for years to come. Their programmes have provided me with all the essential training I needed for a successful business launch. From me, thank you to you all.

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