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Drama on Whitestone Way

Photo of the car that crashed into the shed containing the gas governor on Whitestone Way

Photo of Croydon Roads at daybreak on March 19th 2018, snow and iceThe “Beast from the East II” swept into Croydon on Saturday 17th March and continued through to Sunday night, when the icey roads became lethal and never more so than on Whitestone Way, home of Weatherill House and countless residents’ homes within the complex.  A major gas leak was caused by a car skidding into a gas governor (pipe) outside Banana Moon Nursery and close to Wandle Park tram station.  The driver of the car stayed at the scene and was not arrested.

Evacuation plans ensued and the entire area was cordoned off, causing traffic carnage on the Purley Way as Monday morning rush hour traffic was diverted away from the scene.  Trams were cancelled and emergency bus services came into play as hundreds of commuters struggled to find an alternative route into work.

Click here to connect to the Croydon Advertiser’s report on the wonderful efforts of the Red Cross, Waddon Leisure Centre and Croydon Council staff who helped all those who were unable to return to their homes.  In true Croydon community spirit, even local traders such as Sainsburys and Ikea offered free refreshments and food to those affected.

John Barrett, Operations Director at StartUp CroydonThe team at Weatherill House were at the ready to contact office tenants early on Monday morning to advise them of the gas leak and subsequent closure of the Enterprise Centre for the day.  Operations Director, John Barrett, commented that “although it was not possible to allow access to the building, we were on hand throughout the day to update our tenants and ensure that they were fully informed of any developments as they occurred”.

We are happy to report that Weatherill House re-opened a day later on Tuesday 20th March, much to the relief of the team and its 38 businesses.  The gas governor has now been re-housed in something more robust, with concrete bollards for added protection, in order to avoid another drama on Whitestone Way that could so easily have turned into a catastrophe.


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