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Delivering Inclusive Presentations and Meetings

Many business and work related situations require people to be able to communicate effectively whether that is speaking at a team meeting, giving a presentation or pitching an idea.

The way you say or try to get across the message to your audience is equally, if not even more important than the content.  As we’ve all experienced in these situations using jargon, specialist or technical words or phrases that only you and specialists would know is very frustrating to the audience if they are not involved in or familiar with your line of work.

This can be even more frustrating for members of your audience or team members with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Therefore, to help you prepare your presentations so that everyone has the same opportunity to understand and learn, Croydon People First and the Croydon Learning Disability Commissioning Team have developed a set of ‘Guidelines for Speakers’ that are intended to help people with learning disabilities have a better understanding of all information being shared at meetings.

The Guidelines are available to download here Guidelines for Speakers – GO Croydon People First and AS – Oct. 2017

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