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Deane Review of Self Employment

The results and recommendations of an independent review into self-employment were published on February 14.

The review was undertaken by Julie Deane OBE, founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company, after being commissioned by the Government. The remit of the review was to:

  • Better understand why people want to be self-employed
  • Assess what additional support could be provided to self-employed people
  • Identify the obstacles in their start-up and growth journey

Review author: Julie Deane OBE

  • The review makes a number of observations and recommendations including:
  • The need for education to better prepare young people of how self-employment may play a role in their future
  • Advice and support that is available is as accessible as possible
  • The need for more flexible financial solutions
  • Equal treatment and recognition from Government for the self-employed including bringing maternity allowances for the self-employed into line with employed people and the introduction of an adoption allowance for self-employed adopters
  • Simplification and clarification of self-employment with the introduction of a legal definition of self-employment
  • Complicated and burdensome legislation needs addressing in a clear and common-sensical manner
  • Impact assessments normally undertaken on the impact of policies and procedures on major sectors should also extend to self-employment
  • Simplifying taxation should be considered
  • Increased visibility and access to shared workspaces needs to be improved
  • Trade and professional organisations should take responsibility in keeping self-employed members up-to-date with technological advances

A copy of the report is available here.

Croydon Business Venture is already helping to deliver some of these recommendations to those who are considering self-employment by providing advice and support and high quality and affordable office space.

Further details of these services are available on our website

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