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Croydon Pridefest – certainly on hold, but definitely not forgotten

As we are heading to mid-July and hopefully enter into a spell of warmer, brighter weather, it seems that something is missing from the Croydon events calendar.  A sparkling jewel of rainbow colour that has not only shone out from Wandle Park for a few years but has traditionally been a focal point for the Croydon community since 2016.

Even without the glitz and glam of one of our most loved festivals, Croydon Pride continues to operate behind the scenes by:

  • Raising awareness of discrimination, issues and difficulties affecting the lives of Croydon’s LGBT+ community;
  • Cultivating a local culture of equality and diversity by celebrating the achievements and diversity of Croydon’s LGBT+ community;
  • Advancing education in LGBT+ equality and diversity;
  • Associating with voluntary organisations, governmental/public and/or private bodies to maximise the effectiveness of voluntary organisations working for LGBT+ equality and diversity;
  • Staging and promoting LGBT+ events, including the annual Croydon PrideFest that will now take place in 2022;
  • Providing support for equality of access for members of Croydon’s LGBT+ community to sports, training, employment, business or similar opportunities where there are barriers;
  • Foster understanding between Croydon’s diverse communities;
  • Conduct, commission and publish research on Croydon LGBT+ diversity issues.

CLICK HERE to read more about Croydon Pride and download their latest charity report.

StartUp Croydon supports Croydon Pride and we very much look forward to taking part as stall holders in 2022, talking to the public about our services and the ways in which we can help unemployed people to start their own business by taking part in our training and mentoring programmes, many of which are free or 95% subsidised.

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