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Croydon Enterprise Plus – Now networking face-to-face at Weatherill House

If you’re considering joining a networking group within the borough, Croydon Enterprise Plus is now operating face-to-face, as well as offering a Zoom meeting once a month.

CEP is a mixed group of regular members and visitors, with an increased new intake of attendees over the last six months or so, possibly due to the Covid19 Pandemic that has resulted in many sole traders and SMEs feeling isolated.  It’s good to talk and the group are a friendly bunch from many different business sectors – not only will you have the opportunity to talk about your business to other like-minded people, you’ll pick-up tips and relevant information as well.

Membership usually costs £40.00 pa to cover room booking costs and a subsidy of £20.00 towards the annual Christmas Meal – but has been reduced to £20.00 for 2021 with the Christmas Meal being moved to the summer, but fundamentally a charge is made because CEP believe people are more committed to something they pay for rather than something that is free.

The meeting takes place on the 2nd Thursday of each month and you can speak to one of the founders, Paul Pickering, if you would like to have a “trial run” (contact:

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