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Croydon Council Produce Guidance on Buying PPE for Businesses

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In response to the request for guidance on PPE for businesses, and to support recovery for our Borough, Croydon Council have established a dedicated page on their Value Croydon website to provide guidance, information on how to source PPE, tips for purchasing PPE and key things to look out for and avoid It is really important that you read the guidance before you buy any PPE to ensure you get what you need in relation to the type of business you operate.

We hope you and local business partners find this useful, please do feed back to us if you feel there’s anything missing or would like further information included. We’re constantly updating the site to reflect the latest guidance and respond to questions and issues raised by our key partners and stakeholders, so your feedback would also be really valuable.

Croydon Council also owns a company called YourCare which was set up to provide an equipment retail service. YourCare also stocks a range of PPE items and they have included details of how to access YourCare on the Value Croydon page. From the experience of sourcing their our own PPE for Council staff they know how difficult and resource intensive it can be in such a volatile market, hence establishing a supply through YourCare should individual businesses find it difficult to source directly even with the guidance provided.

Please note that there are many other suppliers in the marketplace, however Croydon Council have included details should this be helpful: The team can be contacted to discuss requirements on 0808 1962231 at:

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