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Covid19 Success Stories: First Technology Transfer – Programming Tutoring Specialists

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Meet our tenant, First Technology Transfer, offering tutoring in IT and software engineering subjects.

If you’re looking for training, either as an extra-curricular or to boost your current knowledge base, First Technology Transfer is a Company that not only excels at helping its students to achieve their goals but its founder, Andrew Eliasz, (who is also an expert at delivering training) is genuinely devoted to seeing his participants flourish and succeed.

First technology transfer is a unique service with an extra ordinary mind behind it. Andrew is a serial academic having achieved Degrees in Biochemistry, Spectroscopy, Maths, Psychology, Computing and PhD in Chemistry/Biochemistry.

A jewel in the Croydon tech landscape, he offers training and development opportunities with a skill base we are so fortunate to have in our borough.

As a registered CIC (Community Interest Company), First Technology Transfer sets out it’s mission statement as follows:

“The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular to provide educational support to children and adults, including those with special educational needs, in Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Psychology and Computer Science, to provide introductory training in technical programming, to assist adults wishing to change career,and to provide educational support to students taking medical school entrance exams”

In addition, Andrew is an extremely likable and amenable person – a great attribute when teaching within this sector.

Andrew commented on one of his recent students “I was asked to assess a very gifted young computer science student with dyslexia to award an A Level Grade moderated by Cambridge International. The sort of student where you really look forward to tutorial and where it is not unusual for quirky and ingenious ideas and concepts to crop up in a lesson.”

“As expected, the papers and project were outstanding and, as I told some of my colleagues, it is a pity that they do not award A** grades.”

However, Andrew also recognises that even though it’s a bonus to have gifted students, it’s also equally gratifying when your support has enabled someone to simply achieve a university placement or given them confidence to apply for a job opportunity.

One parent recently emailed Andrew with the following “As you know, (our son) got his ‘A’ Level results today:  He was naturally very disappointed – especially with all the refusal to allow him any extra time (which was his entitlement).  However, he had several university offers. Leicester has confirmed his place for Engineering – which is a great relief to all of us.  

I just wanted to offer our family’s thanks and appreciation for all the help and support you gave (our son) throughout a very trying period in his life and indeed all of our lives.  You have been a friend in need and in deed

To see the full extent of FTT’s learning opportunities, please CLICK HERE to visit their website.  All kinds of programming are covered from Android to Zephyr RTOS, or for general enquiries contact Ajay on 07768 140786, Email to

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