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Covid19 Success Stories – Children’s Hospital Pyjamas

One of our most recent tenants is a remarkable charity for desperately sick children, which supplies pyjamas to hospitals, hospices, and women’s refuges locally and over the years has expanded to surrounding areas as far as Manchester.

Each pair of pyjamas is packed with a set of two handmade fabric hearts so that the child can keep a heart with them and a parent or loved one can keep the other, in effect creating a comforting connection when a sick child is admitted to hospital for treatment.

Hearts and pyjamas are donated by the general public and the business is supported by volunteers who use their time to create hearts or assist with packing.

The idea is the brainchild of Charmaine Green who founded the company when her own daughter was an in-patient and she was touched by the kindness of another family who had gifted her a brand-new scooter via the hospital.

Charmaine now intends to progress the charity further and is looking for funding to make that a possibility, particularly as she continues to look after her daughter and hold down a job whilst acting as a volunteer for her business.

The charity is taking pyjama donations up until the end of October in children’s sizes from new-born to adult (with an emphasis on older sizes for children aged 12 to 16). If you would like to contribute pyjamas, please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to assist with funding in the form of a one-off or regular donation, please CLICK HERE.


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