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Connecting Social Entrepreneurs With SE Folk

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Are you working on your social venture on your own but need the support of experts or other social entrepreneurs?

Do you want to find out what other social entrepreneurs are doing across the UK?

Then SE Folk may be just what you need.

SE Folk is a social enterprise support service aimed at providing a network of fellow social enterprise founders and experts to help you start, establish and grow.

They offer:

  • An online portal private social network equipped with everything you’d expect from a modern social network but without the unnecessary elements, clean and easy to use.
  • Twice weekly online live networking and learning opportunities where you can join other social entrepreneurs like yourself to get help, share problems and build your networks but also learn from experts about all aspects of running a social enterprise
  • Expert Help From Community Forums where you can ask a question and get expert responses as well as community experiences, share an experience of your own or simply browse the forums
  • Community Social Groups where you can share pictures and experiences with other folk who are interested in similar activities or causes.

In addition, SE Folk organise a weekly Twitter hour #SocEntHour on Wednesdays between 11:30am and 12:30pm to connect, share experiences and events and support other social entrepreneurs.  All you need to do is login to Twitter and search for the #SocEntHour hashtag and join the conversation.  Remember to include the hashtag in all tweets you send.

As an alumnus or graduate of our SEEK project or social enterprise courses and support, membership is free for two months to allow you to try before joining as a full member at only £10 per month.

Each month has a planned theme and July’s theme is all about sponsorship.  So if you are looking at how you can engage with businesses and corporates to get sponsorship for the work you are doing, sign up for the month’s free trial.

For more details go to and register your interest.  When contacting / registering, please let them know you are a graduate of one of our programmes or our 1-1 support.

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