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Charity begins at startups

While trawling the world wide web for relevant information that may be of benefit to our readers, particularly during the Covid19 pandemic, I came across this article via a newsletter distributed by the Centre for Entrepreneurs.

Philip Salter, founder of The Entrepreneurs Network covers Nesta’s new report ‘Better Together

Start-ups and charities tend to inhabit very different worlds, but some innovative entrepreneurs and third sector organisations are breaking down their silos, which is the subject of a great new report from our friends at Nesta.

Better Together shows how the third sector is experimenting with a range of collaboration models to engage with start-ups, such as co-working spaces, accelerator programmes and investment funds.

The Alzheimer’s Society, for example, has an Accelerator Programme that launched in 2018 supporting innovators to develop products or services that can benefit thousands of people affected by dementia. It offers investment of up to £100,000 and a 12-month programme with tailored support depending on the start-up’s need, including the opportunity to test and develop products with people affected by dementia.

Entrepreneurs considering collaborations may want to scour the report for opportunities, such as the Friends of the Earth Experiments, The Children’s Society and Bethnal Green Ventures Partnership, and the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

Among the recommendations for policymakers is a tweak to the Charity Commission’s guidelines targeted at encouraging innovation in the sector. The report suggests that there is too much focus on mitigating risk, and guidance should be added on how trustees can support or encourage innovation, growth or increasing impact.

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