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Celebrate Our Impact – StartUp Croydon Impact Report 2022-2023

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We are excited to announce that our 2022-2023 impact report has been published and is available to view here

In the past 12 months we continued to evolve Startup Croydon and have made some significant changes to our organisation’s culture and impact.

As an initial summary, during the year we:

  • supported 319 people and businesses
  • delivered 215 1-1 business advice sessions
  • delivered 16 Masterclasses and business networking events which were attended by 400 people to bring the business community together
  • trustees volunteered 109 hours in supporting entrepreneurs in addition to over 300 hours dedicated to the management and governance of the charity

In terms of the development and growth of individuals looking to start a business

  • 69% felt more confident
  • 71% felt more prepared

Other projects we delivered have included:

  • A new Business directory to help service users reach trusted more established businesses in the area
  • The BOXPARK Project – which helped us raise our profile locally and gave a real opportunity to local street food businesses
  • Creation of a new Media Studio and podcast series – a new means of communication and marketing for us and our service users
  • Our new Business lounge was also launched during this year, helping us to remain competitive in the new post pandemic world.

We are so proud of the energy and expertise that has gone into our activities during this year and with the development of the Creative Digital Lab we are excited to provide more services and training to make an even better positive impact on the local economy and the local resident community.

To read our impact report go to or download a copy  here.

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