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Building Business Horizons Meet The Founder – Natural Kinetics

If we have learnt anything during this pandemic, it is that life is precious.  A traumatic experience, the loss of a loved one, a close friend or hearing that someone we are working with are ill or have passed away affects us in some way or another.  We look to family, friends and our support networks for strength and support in helping us cope.

However, when the closest relationship and bond that nature can offer – the bond between a new-born baby and its mother or father – is not immediately there, we need the support of professionals and specialists to help nurture that relationship.

Professionals like Simone Wilson, a client of StartUp Croydon, who is a graduate of both our three day new business course and our incubator programme Building Business Horizons (BBH) who has set up Natural Kinetics – a health and wellbeing service for parents, in particular new parents offering baby massage, doula and parent and baby bonding sessions.

Read her start-up journey here Natural Kinetics

So while StartUp Croydon focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs like Simone, the impact of what we do and the people that we help are making a difference not only here in Croydon but globally as well.  Something that is so needed right now.  Well done Simone – we are honoured to be able to support you make your own difference.

If you are interested in taking your business or social enterprise idea further and would like more information about the Building Business Horizons programme, contact us at and we will arrange a convenient time to speak with you.

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